What is CoinViewer? A New Comprehensive View on Cryptocurrency Markets

CoinMarket is a FREE tracking system to track all coins in the market. You can easily manage your portfolio without any headache by connecting to all exchanges you own investment on, or even manually enter all trades you’ve had over a certain period of time. It also gives a high rate of alerts sending out notifications about successful trading signals received from trading professionals, or just from new listed unlisted coins on major exchanges. They have an average commission rate of only 0.40%, so are very inexpensive compared to many of the competitors. Most importantly, it has NO spyware or adware to slow down performance.


The main feature of CoinMarket is the ability to generate multiple bar charts, giving you the ability to analyze any trends in the marketplace. You can set up various filters to show you only the currencies that match your criteria, which can include price, time period, price range, quantity of buy and sell orders, and many more. There’s even a ” function for comparing different currencies with each other. Some other neat features include a real-time buy/sell quote for an even wider selection of currencies. The only thing lacking in this great application is the ability to actually trade, which is why they offer a ” function as well, but I guess this is only necessary if you want to actually manage your investments.

The time frame is customizable with either date/time ranges, days, hours, five days, seven days, 30 days, and unlimited amounts of time intervals between the starting and ending time. A simple example would be “next week at 5am”, or whatever time range you desire. The next period in this chart is the time for the last three historical quotes. The size of the period for each quote is customizable.

The functionality of the application is great for analyzing the movements of the markets and finding out when certain currencies are rising and falling. CoinMarket can even be used as a trading platform. This application supports both the MetaTrader and Forex trading platforms. If you are looking for a place to start learning about Forex trading, then you should definitely check out CoinMarket. It’s free to use!

One thing you should know about CoinViewer is that they currently support two major back ends; the classic back end and the newer ingest backend. With the classic back end you’ll need to use the PHP script to access the back end (we’ll talk about this in a second). The ingest backend allows you to “spider” the marketplace using “customized tokens”. You will be able to find out which currencies are being traded, what their prices are, and their historical daily volumes using this method. In this way, you can have insight into the market without spending a dime.

So, if you’re interested in the technical analysis aspect of this market, you’ll love CoinViewer. I would however caution you against jumping in with both feet right away. Get your feet wet using one of the two demos. If you decide to go ahead with the download, make sure you are getting the latest release which supports the two most recent backends: the classic ingest backend and the new custom token endpoint support.

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