What Is a Basket?

A basket is a woven container. It is often made of straw, but it can be made of many other materials. The term basket is used both literally and figuratively. The word comes from the French and Anglo-American words bascat, which means “to gather,” and it is not entirely clear how it got its name. In any case, it is an extremely useful object for storing items. In addition to being practical, baskets can serve as decorative pieces, as well.


A basket may represent a particular object. For example, a geometric shape may be a representation of a tree or other natural object. Sometimes, motifs depict animals or supernatural objects. In addition, the design may express a religious idea. Still, in some cases, symbols are associated with the basket itself. For example, the Guayaki Indians in eastern Paraguay associate the female with the basket, because women carry the burden baskets and are regarded as bearers in the forest.

A basket’s character is largely determined by the fibers used. These fibers can be flat, round, or flexible. They are usually weaved together among other rods, or can be a single piece. In some cases, flexible fibers are twisted around other fibers, which forms a coil and stitched in a rising spiral. When the basket reaches its finished height, it is completed with a border.

The type of fibers used in a basket greatly influences its character. Depending on the availability and suitability of different fibers, the basket design may differ from that of the same materials. Typically, these fibers are round and flexible, and may be flat or flexible. These fibers may be flat or round, but are often made into one or two layers. A round rod is woven between two other rods. The flexible fibers are then wrapped around one another to form a coil. The sides of the basket are then stitched together with this coil.

While some of the baskets are mass-produced, these are still cherished for their uniqueness and beauty. They may be difficult to work with, but they are unique pieces that are made from the same materials. A variety of colors and materials is desirable, but it is important to choose the right color and weave style. A wide variety of materials and styles are available for a basket. For a variety of purposes, you can build a simple, functional, or beautiful vessel.

The definition of a basket is a container with an opening at one end. A basket is traditionally made of stiff fibers and can be made of many materials. The most common type is made of plant material, although some are made from horsehair, baleen, and metal wire. It is usually woven by hand and may include a lid. It is a practical way to store and transport items. It can also be used as a decorative item.

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