Types of Baskets


Types of Baskets

A basket is usually a simple container designed from strong cords, which is commonly made of wood and is made out of a variety of raw materials, such as rope, grasses, and wicker. While most common baskets are crafted from plant-based materials, other non-plant materials like metal wire, horsehair, or wicker can also be used. Most baskets are usually woven manually. Some varieties, however, are now machine-crafted, making the process of weaving a type of basket even more intricate and time-consuming.

The main tools used in basket-making processes are nets, loom, yarns, and needles. These raw materials are combined in order to make a finished basket. There are two types of baskets: woven and plastic. A woven basket, which uses a continuous series of tightly woven fibers, consists of a single panel only; while a plastic basket, which consists of two or more panels, is often seen in common supermarkets and department stores.

One of the most common types of baskets used today are the basketry. Basketry, as the name suggests, is a form of art, where the artists use their creative skills in constructing different-looking baskets using various materials such as natural fibers, metal, wood, leaves, and other plant-based materials. Basketry artists use several techniques in constructing these ornamental items. Two of the most common basketry techniques include plaiting and weaving.

Plaiting is the art of weaving small pieces of fabric, typically a combination of different colored fabrics, yarns, or even fibers, into a basket. This is usually done using fine needles. Typically, an artist will start with an empty and loosely filled basket and fill it with yarns, plant fiber, or threads by carefully winding and tying them onto the body of the basket. The finished product will then be ready to decorate and market.

Another basket-making technique that has been popular for a long time is the basket-making procedure called Woven Basketry. Basket-makers wrap a rough wooden frame around a wooden frame base, lay fabric strips or yarns onto the frame surface, pin it into place, and then sew it all up. After this process is completed, the item is ready to decorate. Most modern basket-making techniques take the frame-and-frame method to a higher level. These days, there are ready-made baskets made in various designs and styles, ranging from gourmet baskets to traditional to embellished baskets.

Lastly, one other type of basket making is that of machine-made baskets. Unlike traditional basket-making methods wherein live animals are utilized, machine-made baskets are now made with machines that perform the same tasks as that of a real-life animal. These kinds of basket-making machines include sewing machines that can make numerous types of baskets. Some have stitches resembling that of a real chicken’s stomach! Nowadays, these types of woven baskets can even be found in department stores.

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