Tips For Creating Basketry

When people think of gift baskets they usually picture a simple basket with a few stuffed animals inside. This is the most common type of basket and it usually comes in one color such as green or brown. But today there are many more options for a gift basket than just these traditional options. Here are some ideas for containers to consider when you are trying to decide on a gift basket.


You have a lot of choices if you want to try your hand at basket-making. A traditional basket is usually made from straw and is usually constructed using stiff materials. However, baskets today come in a wide variety of materials. Some of the most common ones that are used in basket making are: woven, wood, wicker, cane, and sometimes cloth. Baskets made from wicker and other kinds of plant fiber are quite soft and therefore do not require a frame to keep them in place. Wicker baskets, sometimes called goat’s hair, are usually woven on a loom.

Another option when it comes to wicker baskets is to use animal bladder or glandular fibers. Animal bladder is very soft and can often be seen in beautiful baskets. Although these types of baskets are typically used for cleaning, they can also be woven into beautiful decorative patterns.

The basket weaved from cane fibers is another popular choice. This one is made by taking a length of fiber that has been twisted into a tight spiral and then joining the ends together. The individual strands of cane are then woven into a basket. They can also be woven into a basket with reinforced side spokes.

Most of the time you will see baskets made of wicker and other plant fiber in large vases or baskets. However, there are now basketry crafts that have a more elaborate design. Basketry enthusiasts enjoy creating designs from braided fibers, shells, pebbles, buttons, beads, and even metal. There is even basketry that contains antiques of all types – from authentic antiques to pieces from various eras.

If you have ever owned or looked at a basket in your home, you might have noticed that some baskets have a very striking shape. Beads, pebbles, and shells are usually the most common shapes of basketry but there are also geometric designs, stripes, and zigzags to choose from as well. Whether you prefer a simple woven design or one with an intricate design, there are many options for creating unique baskets using the many different natural and man-made fibers available today.

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