How Do They Factor In?

Coinmarket is an online directory that provides information on all the coins in the market as well as their respective market values. The information is updated regularly. This is a free service. To get started you simply need to sign up.


What are marketplace statistics and how are they determined? Coinmarket basics provides the latest and reliable marketplace statistics on all the major cryptos. The data is categorized by the currencies’ category including the most traded, most sold, and at least traded in each category. It is also categorized by circulating supply and by the pair of currencies being traded.

What is the market cap and what are the different methods of calculation? The market cap is the value of a particular Cryptopia represented against its current market shares. The current market shares are updated daily and are also available for download. Coinmarket has a detailed list of all the most profitable and least profitable Cryptocurrects.

What is the list of the top 25 most traded Cryptocurrects? Coinmarket goes into details about the most profitable and least profitable Cryptocurrects based on their current market caps and current prices per each pair. They also provide the list of the top 50 Cryptocurrects by most current prices per each category. This makes it easier for you to decide which currencies are right for you.

How are market caps calculated? Price per coin is updated every day and is calculated using current demand and supply of each individual Cryptocuren. This ensures that the calculations are not outdated and will give a true reflection of the value of a particular Cryptocuren in the market. This also means that the list of the top 50 most traded Cryptocurrects will be more accurate as they are based on real time information from the marketplace.

What other services does Coinmarket offer? They also offer a database of all the major exchanges houses that currently house the majority of the existing Cryptocuren in the market. You can view the current market shares of each exchange houses and browse through their offerings. This allows you to invest in the most lucrative and undervalued cryptocurrencies.

How is the list of the top 50 going to be determined? This is determined by two main factors. The first is the current price per coin in the market. This price is determined by weighing supply against demand, and taking the square root of both of them. The second factor is determined by analyzing the trends within the market cap size of each individual coin and how many were launched at a certain time.

To get the value of each coin, we need to know the market capitalization. We do this by multiplying the current price per coin by the current market capitalization of each individual coin, then divide by the number of days since the last trading volume in the market. This will give us the grand median, or the middle, of the range of values for each individual coin.

The two factors we previously identified, total market capitalization and the current price per coin, will determine the list of the best selling coins in the market. This list will become the basis for traders choosing which currencies to buy when they decide to sell. When they decide to buy, the traders will use the current price of the currency that they are trading against to decide what coins to buy and vice versa. Now that we have established the three major factors of the Coinmarket, hopefully you understand why they play such an important role in the world of Cryptocurrency Trading.

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