Creating a Basket in the Classroom

In the classroom, students will create a basket to use in their own lives. Identify the purpose and materials of the basket and make a decision. Discuss with class members how the basket will be used and how to share the meaning with them. This exercise also helps students gain insight about the history of baskets and what they mean. It is best to use a visual aid when teaching this activity so that students can understand the meaning behind the materials.


A basket is a container that traditionally was made from a stiff fiber. While most are made of plant materials, they can also be made of baleen, horsehair, and metal wire. They are typically hand woven and sometimes have lids, making them a great choice for storing items in them. When constructing a basket, the size and shape are key factors to determining how the finished product will look. The size of the finished basket is important.

Before students begin drafting their finished baskets, they must decide on the shape and form of the basket. If you don’t already have a sketch of a basket for them to make, you can help them by sketching the shape on chart paper. When the students are finished, they should draw a sketch of their design. Once the design has been finalized, they can start creating the basket. They should consider the shape of the basket to make the process go faster.

Next, the students will choose the shape and form of the basket. They can draw their ideas on the back of the worksheet, or they can use a sketchbook to create a final design. The goal of this step is to decide on a shape for the basket. The shapes are largely up to the student’s creativity, and it is also a good idea to give the student a few different options. After all, they should be able to use the finished product in a number of ways.

The first step is to decide what materials will be needed in a basket. The student will need to choose what materials they will need for their basket. If they are creating a basket for a friend, the students can brainstorm for ideas. They can write the ideas on a chart paper and record them on the board. After they’ve made the list, they should record it on the board. Once the students have made the list, they should decide which material they will use.

Once the sides and bottom are set, the students can brainstorm for other materials. They can write these ideas on a chart paper or board. Then, they can add the materials to the base. After this, they can add the sides and bottom of the basket. After the sides are formed, the next step is to add the base and the sides. Once the side spokes are completed, the students can use the remaining ends to create the border on the top edge of the basket.

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