CoinMarketCap Review


The CoinMarketCap website offers a wide variety of information on cryptocurrencies, including price data, 24-hour highs, trading volumes, and market capitalisation. You can view historical data, as well as chart views, by month, day, or year. It also provides information on the volume of trading on each coin, as well as its brand awareness and interactions with social media. The CoinMarketCap website allows users to set price alerts to receive updates on specific coins.

To calculate the market cap of a specific coin, all you need is the price of that coin. This will give you an overview of how much it’s worth compared to the total supply of coins in circulation. The price, however, is self-explanatory. The supply number will give you an idea of the current supply, but not the total. A price can be misleading, so it is worth interpreting volume to see whether the price is accurate.

The CoinMarketCap website offers a number of useful features, including historical snapshots of the price of coins, currency converter calculators, and crypto glossary. The website also lets users add coins to watchlists, create websites with a widget, and subscribe to news. You don’t need to pay for the service to get started with this site. The platform provides a wide variety of educational content that can help you get started with cryptocurrency investments.

CMC’s founder, Brandon Chez, was fascinated with cryptocurrencies when he first began purchasing Bitcoin on Mt. Gox in 2011. The lack of transparency in the industry was a major issue for investors. It was possible for individual traders to bank millions by buying and selling coins in exchanges in the US and Asia. Despite the lack of transparency in the industry, Chez went on to launch the CoinMarketCap website. Eventually, he sold his shares and launched a new venture.

Inexperienced users can get hurt by using the website, which replicates other exchanges’ transactions. This could lead to scams and hacks. In addition, the CoinMarketCap website is vulnerable to malicious activity. A well-known security expert and CEO of Bitwise believes that cryptocurrency exchanges should make more transparent listings. The CoinMarketCap website, however, isn’t the only source of information on cryptocurrencies.

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