CoinMarket Capsule – An Overview

CoinMarket is an online service that offers a marketplace for buying and selling different kinds of coins. It has been around for quite some time now and has millions of customers worldwide. However, despite this, there are still a lot of misconceptions about the Coinmarket, which we shall disassemble here for your better understanding. In fact, among the currencies available in the Coinmarket, two stand out as being particularly noteworthy: Dash and Litecoin. We’ll take a brief look at these two in particular.


The Dash is perhaps the most well-known form of Cryptocurrency in the world today. Its price has significantly increased over time, to the tune of more than $12.5 million at the time of writing this article. This price is mostly influenced by high liquidity, with traders usually holding onto their coins for weeks or even months before cashing in on them. Another reason why Dash is able to sustain its premium valuation is its massive network effect. As this coin is the first one to launch with a hard cap, the subsequent investors all have a great leg up in capitalizing on the market before the others.

Litecoin, like Dash, is another favorite of many investors and traders. But unlike Dash, Litecoin’s price has been relatively static throughout the recent period. Its price per coin is currently just under $4. This coin was created by the Litecoin Foundation, with the intention of making it easy for ordinary people to start using the technology. One of the reasons for its success is the added incentive given by Litecoinc by integrating the Litecoin Add-On into the main Litecoinc repository.

Apart from these two top cryptosystems, there exist several others that are getting popular as well. Among these contenders are etherchain, eether, Maidsafe, NuBility and Waves. However, these are not considered to be as ‘real money’ currencies, like Dash or Litecoinc. But unlike Dash and Litecoinc, these currencies are meant to be used as ‘feesale currency’ on the World Wide Web. Moreover, these currencies do not follow the ‘blockchain model’, unlike Dash and Litecoinc.

The reason why most investors choose to invest in these currencies is because they are able to make faster profits than those in the other two. The other reason is because they can be exchanged easily between different world countries. Lastly, unlike in the case of Dash and Litecoinc, the investors will not need to download any software for their computer. All they need to do is to visit an online broker site and they will have access to a wide variety of coins and exchanges to choose from.

With all the opportunities that are being offered by the rise of the use of the blockchains, the developers are looking forward to offering a few more additions. One such addition is the ability to add more currency pairs to the existing four which include Dash, LTC, NZD, and EUR/CHF. The developers are planning to include more currencies too once the test launch of the coinmarket cap goes live. They claim that this is only a minor addition, but once it is available, it will certainly be much sought after by both traders and investors.

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